Vodacom Durban July tip#‎4: Walk This Way !

VDJ4 walk this way2

We know the ladies are going to opt for a heel this VDJ: Leader of the Pack 2016. So here are a few tips for race day to ensure that the ladies remain well heeled and not too much suffering for fashion occurs. Ladies, You can thank us later.

VDJ4 walk this way.jpg



Are Sneakers the new silhouettes?

Have you sneaked a pair of kicks into your wardrobe? Do you have a “sneaky” ambition to own a pair? Well you are not alone. From the catwalk to the street sneakers have never been more popular.


Whilst sneakers have been around since 1892, they only gained popularity in the 1950’s when kids began wearing them as fashion statements.

There was a resurgence in 1984 when Michael Jordan clinched a deal with Nike and other shoe retailers followed suit.

Wearing Sneakers outside of the sports arena and across the fashion board has never been more on-point in 2016. The revival, backed by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo and Karlie Kloss is set to sizzle for another season or two.

The use of sneakers is perhaps inline with the fact that retro fashions have gained popularity and with that has come the revival of satellite accessories from the relevant era.