The Art of Layering


Noun: layering :The action of arranging something in layers.

We hear the word layering thrown around like confetti at every fashion soiree these days. So what exactly is layering and how does one master the art?


In our humble opinion successful layering is the art of pulling together 3 or more layers of clothing to produce something more visually valuable than any of those layers alone. What is so great about this fashion trend is that it is pretty much perfect for our Equator “ Winters “ that to be quite frank are about as cold as some other countries cooler summer days.

The trick is to establish what is the key piece or “ hero” garment of your final look. Is it a maxi dress? Or is it the jacket itself? . Here is a basic tutorial / guidelines to help you get started:



1.Start with the base piece. This is usually a polo neck, simple raglan cotton spandex number or can be as basic as a cami.


2. If your “hero” garment is a maxi dress this is where the layering begins and your more summery pieces now have renewed life this winter.





  1. The next layer must compliment the first 2 layers in colour and in shape. It need not be as thick as the following or final layer and you can stop here if you wish. If your final layer is a coat and you already have a sleeve in this layer, ensure your final layer is sleeveless .




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