Belt It !


Belts are all the rage this season , more specifically waist belts . Belts are a fantastic tool to even out body shapes as well as a fantastic opportunity to polish up a boring everyday look.   Whilst you can find a myriad of suggestions over the width of the belt , generally a few rules should be adhered to no matter what site you go onto.

  1. Thicker belts should be worn by longer waisted ladies .
  2. Narrow belts at the waist should be worn by ladies who are short waisted
  3. A contrast or bright belt is ideal for long waisted ladies.
  4. Self colour belts are ideal for ladies with little waist definition.


Here are some other ideas to revive your belt cupboard this season:



For extra drama belt a scarf



Revisit your belt cupboard armed with an online tutorial or two . We loved the “ Three ways to knot a belt tutorial on ( .



Haven’t got a belt and not ready to invest in one ? Not a problem . Grab a scarf and fashion it into a belt :



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