The Pear Shape


Top Tips:

  1. Keep the bottom simple. Opt for skirts, pants, shorts etc. that do not have pleats , frills or additional fabric that accentuates hips and makes your bust in comparison look even smaller.
  2. This figure type looks great in busy tops. Opt for frills, ruffles and other details that make your bust appear visually larger than it is and create balance across your body shape.
  3. Trends like the high low hemline also make the lower body appear less heavy set.




The Hourglass Figure.


Top 4 Tips :

  1. Tailor Made : Fit is an imperitive aspect of dressing for this body shape. Ensure that waistlines are nipped in to balance your smaller waisted body shape. In tailoring shirts and dresses at the waistline , it enhances this figure types smaller waist and balances off the bust to hip ratio effortlessly.
  2. “Base” Basics: It’s a grudge buy at best, we know , and you have probably heard it said numerous times , but decent underwear plays a vital role in balancing off that bustline. * We love Woolwoths   distraction range (
  3. Fabrication is key. Opt for fabrics that have a light stretch that enhance your curves and fit your body. Stretch ensures that your figure type is adequetly enhanced.
  4. V-neck top silhoettes are ideal for this figure type .



Boot camp Class 1 : Dressing for your body shape.


In an effort to furnish women with the necessary skills and tips to dress themselves we have decided to roll out our own four week “ Fashion Friday Boot camp”. Hopefully some of these tips can make your mornings easier, inspire you to love your wardrobe more and solve some of your hardest fashion challenges. Subscribe to our blog to not miss a thing or ask us your questions on Twitter and we will try our best to address them and incorporate into our blog posts over the next few weeks.



Working out your body type can be more than challenging. Some more curvier woman naturally assume they are are a  We suggest you don a black vest and leggings , grab a measuring tape and establish what body shape you are.

Alternatively take a pic on your phone or camera straight on (maybe its best to get a friend to help you do this) print it and colour it in with a thick marker pen. This will give you an idea of proportion and what body shape you fall into.

Once you establish what body shape you are dressing for it becomes significantly easier.




Wash and Wear.


The purchase of a garment is much easier than understanding the fundamentals of maintaining a clean garment. How often do we purchase a garment, wear it and do not give any thought as to how it is going to get from you body into the wash and back again in the same condition you bought it in.

The consumer act does not protect you in the case that you not follow the wash care labels provided on garments and understanding the type of fabric your garment is made of will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the garment. Bleaching agents should not be kept in your laundry.

We took the liberty of creating a downloadable Wash care sheet to stick in your laundry.



Here is a look at our latest Spring / Summer collection and their prescribed wash care labels so you can keep your Kathrin Kidger garments looking fresh, new and slick with every wear.