PANTONE 17-2034 Pink Yarrow


There is no greater testimony to the lyrics of the great Steve Tyler’s Pink than the colour Pink Yarrow’s rise this fashion season. It’s frisky, vibrant and likely to be the colour of choice for those who feel that shades of green don’t quite do it for them.

With a definite 80’s obsession this fashion season, pink was invariably going to take centre stage. Interestingly, when one delves into research surrounding Pink Yarrow , this colour has a lot more in common with the Pantone Greenery than meets the eye.

Pink Yarrow is essentially a flower ( Pink in colour ), with green leaves, that is used for it’s essence in herbalism . According to the flower society report that documents Dr. Mesich ‘s findings in the use of the flower , it is a remedy used for ages and ages for “wounded warriors.”

Mesich goes onto state that Pink Yarrow specifically “ corresponds to the “root” chakra, the red chakra and imparts a sense of strong grounded ness ” . (

Perhaps it is this factor that has lead to this colors inclusion in the Pantone Colour Institutes Fashion Colour report, Spring 2017.

The Pantone Institution feels that Pink Yarrow is “Tropical and festive, Pink Yarrow is a whimsical, un-ignorable hue that tempts and tantalizes. Bold, attention getting and tempestuous, the lively Pink Yarrow is a captivating and stimulating color that lifts spirits and gets the adrenaline going “