Out of Africa


Iconic , beautiful and effortlessly chic are a few of the words that come to mind when this image of Lauren Hutton pops up on my feed. And what better image to inspire those who’s wardrobe pines for far flung holidays in remote , untouched Africa.

I don’t know if it’s the carefree 1970’s attitude , most notably in the pose or her vivacious smile but when I saw this , I knew that this image would inspire a little bit more than a button up safari suit .

#trends #outofafrica #kale #shadesofkale #fashionforecast #khaki #fashion

One of the biggest ways to channel this trend into your wardrobe is not only the use of khaki and kale but stylized deep pleat pocket detail.  Whilst the above visuals are great reference points, the age-old rule of simplicity still exists.  Here are a few key pointers for any fashionista that wants to integrate this trend into their seasonal style.

Fashion Safari

















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