Militant Stint

Whilst Pantone “Greenery” takes center stage this coming year , less we forget about its darker sister “Kale” , or as most know it “Military green”. This tone is considered this seasons perfect neutral and can be teamed with any Color your mind can conjure up .

Expect to see this gorgeous tone in ever silhouette this season has to offer . From soft satin bombers to more structured twills , military green can be combined with even the most softest hues.

For maximum effect use traditional military acsents in final styling . Pop rivets , brass zippers and poppers make the look more authentic and more militant inspired.



Boot camp Class 1 : Dressing for your body shape.


In an effort to furnish women with the necessary skills and tips to dress themselves we have decided to roll out our own four week “ Fashion Friday Boot camp”. Hopefully some of these tips can make your mornings easier, inspire you to love your wardrobe more and solve some of your hardest fashion challenges. Subscribe to our blog to not miss a thing or ask us your questions on Twitter and we will try our best to address them and incorporate into our blog posts over the next few weeks.



Working out your body type can be more than challenging. Some more curvier woman naturally assume they are are a  We suggest you don a black vest and leggings , grab a measuring tape and establish what body shape you are.

Alternatively take a pic on your phone or camera straight on (maybe its best to get a friend to help you do this) print it and colour it in with a thick marker pen. This will give you an idea of proportion and what body shape you fall into.

Once you establish what body shape you are dressing for it becomes significantly easier.




Wash and Wear.


The purchase of a garment is much easier than understanding the fundamentals of maintaining a clean garment. How often do we purchase a garment, wear it and do not give any thought as to how it is going to get from you body into the wash and back again in the same condition you bought it in.

The consumer act does not protect you in the case that you not follow the wash care labels provided on garments and understanding the type of fabric your garment is made of will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the garment. Bleaching agents should not be kept in your laundry.

We took the liberty of creating a downloadable Wash care sheet to stick in your laundry.



Here is a look at our latest Spring / Summer collection and their prescribed wash care labels so you can keep your Kathrin Kidger garments looking fresh, new and slick with every wear.



Fabulous Floral


Whether it is chrysanthemums, daisies or digital roses, floral and all forms of fauna seem to be having a fashion revival this season. Perhaps floral will always have a place in fashion, it has certainly been around since the invention of the loom, but we have to ask ourselves why certain trends get revived across the board? Perhaps it is the optimism spring and growth denotes. Perhaps it is the visual drama of it all.

So how does one wear floral? We loved Adele’s take on the trend in her music video. But what was it EXACTLY that we liked? Was it the edgy slightly disheveled hair ? Was it the simplicity of both her make up and accessories?

Perhaps it was something as simple as the clean-cut floral silhouette against the stark background; either which way we are more than over the moon to see the revival of one of our favorite trends.




Weekend Special :


Stripe top plus Floral 50’s swing skirt / floral pants for a chic all day, all events, all round great ensembles. With Print – on – Print being as big as it is this season, this combination is one of the most classical ways to introduce print on print play into your wardrobe.

Scale is Key:



Fuller figure woman look just as amazing in this trend as their smaller counterparts. Just remember to consider the scale of the floral you use. Florals can create an optical illusion and can be equally unflattering. Rule of thumb – the bigger the body surface is, a larger scale floral needs to be taken into consideration.



Whats in a Cape ?


Capes and cloaks are seeing a resurgence in popularity and we couldn’t be more delighted. Originally a staple in the 1930’s capes provided a practical solution to the elements. As such capes offer a great solution to staying warm without killing an evening wear look and are statement enough to be used as a stand alone piece in this day and age.

Why exactly this practical piece went out of fashion no one really knows however. Some have put it down to the scarcity of fabric leading up to World War 2, whilst others blame the practicality of long items when getting into cars and operating machinery during that period.

Perhaps with a return to slow fashion capes are at the top of any fashionistas closet revival in 2016? All we know is that Capes are super flattering and hopefully here to stay.

Here are our eveningwear cape options in store. These gowns are super chic and incorporate the ever-popular cape.



” Cocooning “

Cocooning : The trend and the connectivity between both our internal dialogue and clothing choices.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about the trend of staying at home.

Cocooning is the name given to the trend that sees individuals socializing less and retreating into their home more. The term was coined in the 1990s by Faith Popcorn, a trend forecaster and marketing consultant:

Cocooning has been in our bank for thirty years. That’s how early we discovered cocooning, and cocooning is about staying home, creating a safe place around you, the gardeners being the barrier, between the garden and the alarm systems being the barrier, filtration systems for water and air, working at home, every inch of it you have, you have some of this, how many days can I work at home? That’s cocooning.

Popcorn identified cocooning as a commercially significant trend that would lead to, among other things, stay-at-home electronic shopping. Since Popcorn coined the term, the trend has continued. The creation of the internethome entertainment technology, advances in communication technology (cellphonesPDAs, and smartphones) which allow “work-at-home” options, and demographic changes have made cocooning an increasingly attractive option. If a reasonable amount of progress has been made when one is cocooning, one may expect the subject to have a breakthrough and emerge like a butterfly to enjoy life.





Whilst there has always been a connection between how we feel and our attire, Cocooning for us remains one of the most interesting phenomenon’s in fashion today. As the world gets more technologically advanced and the man in the street only has to click a button on his phone to find out the political state of the most furthers country from himself the ideology of cocooning in fashion is that this in someway is the physical manifestation of somewhat of a sensory overload.

We loved Tony Glenvilles poignant perspective on the wearers desire to “escape” , if only very briefly the “ever more crowded and noisy world “ and we really could not agree with him more.

Reference :


The Art of Layering


Noun: layering :The action of arranging something in layers.

We hear the word layering thrown around like confetti at every fashion soiree these days. So what exactly is layering and how does one master the art?


In our humble opinion successful layering is the art of pulling together 3 or more layers of clothing to produce something more visually valuable than any of those layers alone. What is so great about this fashion trend is that it is pretty much perfect for our Equator “ Winters “ that to be quite frank are about as cold as some other countries cooler summer days.

The trick is to establish what is the key piece or “ hero” garment of your final look. Is it a maxi dress? Or is it the jacket itself? . Here is a basic tutorial / guidelines to help you get started:



1.Start with the base piece. This is usually a polo neck, simple raglan cotton spandex number or can be as basic as a cami.


2. If your “hero” garment is a maxi dress this is where the layering begins and your more summery pieces now have renewed life this winter.





  1. The next layer must compliment the first 2 layers in colour and in shape. It need not be as thick as the following or final layer and you can stop here if you wish. If your final layer is a coat and you already have a sleeve in this layer, ensure your final layer is sleeveless .



The Midi Skirt


Midi Skirts are the perfect girly girls wardrobe addition this winter. We love how this piece if teamed with the right shirt, cami or polo neck can transform a look effortlessly. This fashion item can transition from winter to summer by changing your shoes and is perfect for layering no matter what time of the year. If you are going to invest in this piece and only value a labeled option it is advised that you stick to a solid colour way (navy / black / white / pastel ) so that you can get more use out of the skirt. Printed skirts are remembered from event to event and can be limiting in this item.




Are Sneakers the new silhouettes?

Have you sneaked a pair of kicks into your wardrobe? Do you have a “sneaky” ambition to own a pair? Well you are not alone. From the catwalk to the street sneakers have never been more popular.


Whilst sneakers have been around since 1892, they only gained popularity in the 1950’s when kids began wearing them as fashion statements.

There was a resurgence in 1984 when Michael Jordan clinched a deal with Nike and other shoe retailers followed suit.

Wearing Sneakers outside of the sports arena and across the fashion board has never been more on-point in 2016. The revival, backed by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo and Karlie Kloss is set to sizzle for another season or two.

The use of sneakers is perhaps inline with the fact that retro fashions have gained popularity and with that has come the revival of satellite accessories from the relevant era.