Militant Stint

Whilst Pantone “Greenery” takes center stage this coming year , less we forget about its darker sister “Kale” , or as most know it “Military green”. This tone is considered this seasons perfect neutral and can be teamed with any Color your mind can conjure up .

Expect to see this gorgeous tone in ever silhouette this season has to offer . From soft satin bombers to more structured twills , military green can be combined with even the most softest hues.

For maximum effect use traditional military acsents in final styling . Pop rivets , brass zippers and poppers make the look more authentic and more militant inspired.


Greenery: Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

Move over Serenity and Rose Quartz , Greenery is the new color kid on the block ! “Greenery” is all about taking inspiration from flourishing foliage and natures robust “tangy yellow- greens” . Frisky , revitalizing and a homage to Mother Earth this Pantone is all about us taking a moment to “breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate .”

Director of the Pantone Color Institute , Leatrice Eiseman who is tasked with the role of selecting the design Pantone annually said that the selection was based on a response to a “stressful and tense world “.

This color denotes a sense of hopefulness in its zesty hue and is set to rock 2017s design world .


” Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises ” – Pedro Calderon


From Pineapples to flamingos, few can deny the ever-popular tropical trend continued this season. Perhaps its popularity lies in the public’s ever-longing desire to holiday to some exotic destination. Whilst this may not be attainable for most they certainly are sporting their favorite tropical destination non-the less.

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The Board Shape Body-figure


Top Tips:

  1. Focus on creating a more defined waist. You can do this by purchasing tops with nipped in waistlines or accessorize with a belt at the waistline.

  2. The challenge in dressing this figure type is to enhance your proportions evenly (i.e. bust and hipline) whilst defining the waist.

  3. Mix and match separates to achieve the above effect.




The Apple Shape Body-figure


“If you have an apple-shaped body, you usually have broad shoulders, a full bust. Waist and upper back. This figure shape generally has thinker arms, legs and hips “

Tops tips:

  1. Try drawing attention away from your waistline. Whilst most self help sites suggest avoiding shorts, pants and skirts below that hipline often that is an impossible ask for this figure shape.
  2. Show off your better assets. This figure type usually has a fantastic bust line. Showing off a little bust goes a long way in drawing attention away from you less defined features.
  3. Ensure your shirts and dress bodices skim your body and are not too tight or too loose.




The Pear Shape


Top Tips:

  1. Keep the bottom simple. Opt for skirts, pants, shorts etc. that do not have pleats , frills or additional fabric that accentuates hips and makes your bust in comparison look even smaller.
  2. This figure type looks great in busy tops. Opt for frills, ruffles and other details that make your bust appear visually larger than it is and create balance across your body shape.
  3. Trends like the high low hemline also make the lower body appear less heavy set.



The Hourglass Figure.


Top 4 Tips :

  1. Tailor Made : Fit is an imperitive aspect of dressing for this body shape. Ensure that waistlines are nipped in to balance your smaller waisted body shape. In tailoring shirts and dresses at the waistline , it enhances this figure types smaller waist and balances off the bust to hip ratio effortlessly.
  2. “Base” Basics: It’s a grudge buy at best, we know , and you have probably heard it said numerous times , but decent underwear plays a vital role in balancing off that bustline. * We love Woolwoths   distraction range (
  3. Fabrication is key. Opt for fabrics that have a light stretch that enhance your curves and fit your body. Stretch ensures that your figure type is adequetly enhanced.
  4. V-neck top silhoettes are ideal for this figure type .