Stripe Job

What is it about a stripe that makes me ever so anxious ? There is no denying how popular , varied and classical this trend is, but then why do I feel like a stripe is one of this season’s most boldest fashion statements I ask you ?

Perhaps stripes are that family member that doesn’t give a dam? Maybe it’s the challenge it presents in choosing the right version of it to flatter one’s torso? Or maybe , just maybe , it’s the fear of the ability to pull off a trend that is so longstanding few could possibly do it’s predecessors justice?

Getting this trend right most likely then rests on utilizing stripes in the most traditional of ways . If you are looking at investment pieces a magnificent stripe trouser or cashmere jersey is probably the best bet in winning the fashion stakes .

Both can transition into wardrobes effortlessly and are more than likely to withstand seasonal favor.

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‘Tis the Season


Goodness how this part of the year sneaks up on us . It feels like yesterday when we started packing up the Christmas baubles and other festive season paraphernalia .

But this time of year has such an amazing energy about it . And we cannot help but think the magic that the Yuletide brings is just a little bit contagious.

We Rounded up 2 0f our ultimate Christmas Party looks and themes that we adore .

Copper Tones


To Drink : Moscow Mule Cocktail served in Copper Mugs. We love Hot beauty’s suggestion and recipe.

Fashion Tip: Team copper tones with other metallics for maximum effect.

Monocramatic Christmas


To drink: Grapefruit and Rosemary gin cocktail ( unusually

Fashion Tip: Pair black and white stripes with polka dots to create a fun festive energy at you Christmas table .


From Pineapples to flamingos, few can deny the ever-popular tropical trend continued this season. Perhaps its popularity lies in the public’s ever-longing desire to holiday to some exotic destination. Whilst this may not be attainable for most they certainly are sporting their favorite tropical destination non-the less.

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Whats in a Cape ?


Capes and cloaks are seeing a resurgence in popularity and we couldn’t be more delighted. Originally a staple in the 1930’s capes provided a practical solution to the elements. As such capes offer a great solution to staying warm without killing an evening wear look and are statement enough to be used as a stand alone piece in this day and age.

Why exactly this practical piece went out of fashion no one really knows however. Some have put it down to the scarcity of fabric leading up to World War 2, whilst others blame the practicality of long items when getting into cars and operating machinery during that period.

Perhaps with a return to slow fashion capes are at the top of any fashionistas closet revival in 2016? All we know is that Capes are super flattering and hopefully here to stay.

Here are our eveningwear cape options in store. These gowns are super chic and incorporate the ever-popular cape.



Let Your boots Steal The Show

Boots post

Here are a few tips to help you in search of those perfect boots:

  1. If it doesn’t fit in the shop, it wont fit at home.
  2. Don’t shop for footwear at the end of a day. Feet swell the longer you are on them. To ensure a good fit purchase at the beginning of the day.
  3. Always try on with a sock / stocking if you intend on wearing socks or stockings with your boot choice.
  4. Customize your fit. There are a myriad of foot, heel and sole buffers, cushions and comfort aids available at chemists.
  5. If you are buying a leather boot always put leather protector on the leather before use.


Belt It !


Belts are all the rage this season , more specifically waist belts . Belts are a fantastic tool to even out body shapes as well as a fantastic opportunity to polish up a boring everyday look.   Whilst you can find a myriad of suggestions over the width of the belt , generally a few rules should be adhered to no matter what site you go onto.

  1. Thicker belts should be worn by longer waisted ladies .
  2. Narrow belts at the waist should be worn by ladies who are short waisted
  3. A contrast or bright belt is ideal for long waisted ladies.
  4. Self colour belts are ideal for ladies with little waist definition.


Here are some other ideas to revive your belt cupboard this season:



For extra drama belt a scarf



Revisit your belt cupboard armed with an online tutorial or two . We loved the “ Three ways to knot a belt tutorial on ( .



Haven’t got a belt and not ready to invest in one ? Not a problem . Grab a scarf and fashion it into a belt :


The Art of Layering


Noun: layering :The action of arranging something in layers.

We hear the word layering thrown around like confetti at every fashion soiree these days. So what exactly is layering and how does one master the art?


In our humble opinion successful layering is the art of pulling together 3 or more layers of clothing to produce something more visually valuable than any of those layers alone. What is so great about this fashion trend is that it is pretty much perfect for our Equator “ Winters “ that to be quite frank are about as cold as some other countries cooler summer days.

The trick is to establish what is the key piece or “ hero” garment of your final look. Is it a maxi dress? Or is it the jacket itself? . Here is a basic tutorial / guidelines to help you get started:



1.Start with the base piece. This is usually a polo neck, simple raglan cotton spandex number or can be as basic as a cami.


2. If your “hero” garment is a maxi dress this is where the layering begins and your more summery pieces now have renewed life this winter.





  1. The next layer must compliment the first 2 layers in colour and in shape. It need not be as thick as the following or final layer and you can stop here if you wish. If your final layer is a coat and you already have a sleeve in this layer, ensure your final layer is sleeveless .



The Midi Skirt


Midi Skirts are the perfect girly girls wardrobe addition this winter. We love how this piece if teamed with the right shirt, cami or polo neck can transform a look effortlessly. This fashion item can transition from winter to summer by changing your shoes and is perfect for layering no matter what time of the year. If you are going to invest in this piece and only value a labeled option it is advised that you stick to a solid colour way (navy / black / white / pastel ) so that you can get more use out of the skirt. Printed skirts are remembered from event to event and can be limiting in this item.




Are Sneakers the new silhouettes?

Have you sneaked a pair of kicks into your wardrobe? Do you have a “sneaky” ambition to own a pair? Well you are not alone. From the catwalk to the street sneakers have never been more popular.


Whilst sneakers have been around since 1892, they only gained popularity in the 1950’s when kids began wearing them as fashion statements.

There was a resurgence in 1984 when Michael Jordan clinched a deal with Nike and other shoe retailers followed suit.

Wearing Sneakers outside of the sports arena and across the fashion board has never been more on-point in 2016. The revival, backed by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo and Karlie Kloss is set to sizzle for another season or two.

The use of sneakers is perhaps inline with the fact that retro fashions have gained popularity and with that has come the revival of satellite accessories from the relevant era.